Patio and Deck Restoration

Patio and Deck Restoration

Living in the Northwest can prove to be quite challenging when it comes to taking care of those beautiful wooden decks we enjoy on the outside of our homes.  Decks are wonderful for entertaining, relaxing, watching the sunset, or grilling out so we want them to look nice and be protected from the environment.

Deck Restoration Services include:

  • Pressure cleaning and de-mossing
  • Deck Brightening and color revitalizing
  • Cleaning out the grooves and rails
  • Preparing the deck for stain
  • Covering and protecting the things we don’t want stain on.

About Deck Restoration

First, it’s important to understand that your Deck is usually built out of pressure-treated lumber so it’s best to allow a new deck to be out in the weather and unprotected for the first year or two otherwise the stain will not hold.  As your deck begins to gray from the elements of Seattle weather, the stain will hold better and last much longer.  If your deck is still green from the pressure treatment, it’s not yet ready for stain.

Our professional deck cleaning and restoration services start out with cleaning off all the mold and mildew on your deck and revitalizing it’s natural color.  This is typically done by gently pressure washing the entire deck, hand rails, and uprights.  This process is followed up brightener to bring back the luster in your deck and the natural wood look.  We work with a reputable contractor to fix anything that needs replaced or screw down any of the boards that have loosened over time.

After you deck has had ample time to dry, we come back and cover everything you don’t want deck stain on and then put a high quality deck stain on in the color that you have chosen.  The most popular stain is usually a cedar-tone and many of the quality deck stains today have pigments to protect your deck from the sun, rain, and even ward off insects.  Depending on your deck and the traffic, if you allow us to maintain your deck every two or three years, it should last you a lifetime.