Exterior Painting Services

Exterior Painting Services

Drake Painting, your premier painting contractor, provides quality exterior painting for residential and some commercial locations.  As a professional painter for the last 40 years, we understand that homes in the Northwest need special attention due our damp and rainy climate conditions.  From careful preparation to a high quality paint application, Drake Painting is armed with both knowledge and experience when it comes to maintaining the exterior of your home or office.

Careful preparation for your exterior painting includes planning it in the dry hot months of summer to allow proper curing and drying of paint or stain.  This will promote a much longer lasting, quality paint job.

Exterior House Painting – Preparation for Painting Your Home

  • Covering any and all plants, flowers, and any other valuable or precious items outside to prevent damage or over spray.
  • Cleaning or pressure washing your home to remove mold, mildew or old paint
  • We then stabilize the flaws by prepping out the house with sanding, puttying, masking and de-masking, de-mossing, etc.
  • We are fanatic about careful preparation before attempting to paint or stain your home.

Painting your Home in compliance with your local Home Owner’s Association

Sometimes homeowners belong to HOA’s, (Homeowner’s Associations) and the HOA’s usually prefer you to get permission to paint your home a specific color that’s acceptable to the association.  From our experience, they usually like homes to have more neutral colors with an accented front door, maybe some trim and shutters, flower boxes, etc. with an accent darker color.  Drake Painting will assist you in making sure the paint is approved by your HOA before application, and work with you in the process of choosing the right paint or stain.

Once we have the paint or stain selected, we will let you know exactly how much paint or stain your home will need and approximately how much time it will take to complete the job.

Drake Painting ensures both high quality and on-time completion with all our projects and we’ve been doing it a long time.